Genesis One Foundation is a nonprofit fundraising organization. While most nonprofit organizations are dedicated to a single cause, Genesis One Foundation raises money for various causes to give to the experts that know how to address the problems our world is facing.

We raise funds by hosting premier events in places like Hollywood and Las Vegas. We sell advertising space at these events, which usually end up being attended by celebrities and people of influence, who can also make generous donors. We also raise money online, where anybody can donate.

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We’ve only been around for a few months, but in that time we’ve had the privilege of raising money for drinking wells in Africa, providing students with scholarships, and helping supply disaster victims in Puerto Rico and the United States with resources that they needed in order to recover.

We all only inherited the world. The most severe problems that face the world today are not new; poverty, global warming, and extinction were already here by the time that we were all born. But there’s a saying – “no single snowflake feels responsible in an avalanche.” Some people might feel that, because many of these problems existed before we did, that they can give themselves a free pass. But even if we didn’t create these problems, it is up to us whether or not these problems will keep being around. It is the responsibility of all of us to do whatever it takes to better this world.

Please donate to Genesis One Foundation – the solution to every problem needs a beginning.


Genesis One's Fundraising Efforts

In our four months, we have raised over $10,000.